Far away from the hustle bustle of daily life,

set in the heart of the South African bush,

an experience of peaceful tranquility 

and vibrant transformation awaits you .............

Imagine a beautiful piece of Africa where you can do amazing things like Yoga in the bush, Meditate to calls of the wild, or simply relax with the wild South African bush surrounding you 

Experience a place where the bushveld is your classroom, and sunsets never end.  Perhaps you enjoy Writing, Sketching, Painting, Hiking, or even Birding…..... We have the perfect setting for creative therapy.  Enjoy outdoor learning and reflective journaling while African nature inspires you to reshape your life.  Feel energised with our exciting bushwalks and our Holistic bodywork therapies, and relax to the soothing bushveld sounds as you soak up the magic of Africa.

Who we are ..............

Soul Safaris are Transformational retreats for people who have an intense desire to nourish their soul with a deeper and more enriching experience than what a typical holiday has to offer.
They are specifically aimed at those who are seeking Change, Healing, Fulfillment and Deeper meaning in their lives through the practice of Holistic principles, Spiritual learning, and Making a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

Packaged as enjoyable and rejuvenating Spiritual Retreats, Soul Safaris are essentially Mindfulness coaching and Holistic therapy based holiday experiences, that combine Learning and Relaxation with a Magical African Safari adventure

Soul Safaris were created, and are presented by Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual practitioner Angela Beney;  and they are based on the culmination of her combined knowledge, work experience and life journey.  Her philosophies are universally spiritual, not religious, and can therefore be enjoyed and practiced by everyone, regardless of faith or religion.

Experiencing one of our Retreats is a wonderful place to connect with others who are of like-minded spirit. We offer you an experience of authentic Africa, peaceful stillness and a chance to make new friendships. Enjoy sharing in the warm synergy of group discussions and cosy campfire stories;  and most importantly, immerse yourself in that true sense of belonging, in a special place of home-away-from-home.