My Soul Safaris are Life-improvement Retreats,

focusing on helping you to achieve a more

Holistic state of peace and happiness.

Because I have studied many philosophies of healing, in both Eastern and Western principles of health care, it allows me to use my integrated knowledge of Holistic health and wellness to help you achieve truly long-term Success, Wellness and Inner peace in your life.
As a seeker of spirit and truth, I have been following my own purpose for many years, which has been to help others find their spiritual path, and re-connect with their Soul purpose .  My experience as a facilitator of healing and Self improvement is extensive, and this enables me to help you to achieve a calm, happy and centered state of health and well-being.  
Through my own Spiritual growth, I have been able to endure many challenges, reach heart-felt milestones and achieve hard-earned victories;  and it is my mission to help you through my Retreats, to do the same.


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