Tribal dance

Follow the mysterious dance of life

Let the rhythm of Africa ignite your Soul and connect you with the Divine. Feel her intoxicating pulse move through you.

This euphoric Retreat helps you weave your way through the continuous flow of Soul evolution, discovering hidden clues and  precious insights into your Soul’s work in progress.   It is ideal for the 'seasoned traveler' who has been committed to their spiritual growth for some time, and who honours the concept that we are Souls having a Human experience. It will resonate well with those who want to explore the complexities of their karmic connections and life lessons, and who want to evolve and expand into a new way of living and thinking.

Experience the true path to empowerment through Unity and Connection to all life on Earth, where there is no judgement or separation from One-ness, but instead the freedom to express your divine unique-ness , and lead life from the heart instead of from the ego.

Celebrate the exquisite power of unconditional love and compassion for all sentient beings, while learning how to foster a healthy co-existence between our challenging human emotions and tuning in to the loving vibration of compassion.  Here you will experience valuable grounding principles and practices to help you attune and remain fixed to a greater Truth, enabling you to become established in an unwavering state of ‘knowing’.

Ascension of the Soul demands absolute commitment to the path of Truth, as well as attaining certain energetic vibrations.  On this beautiful Retreat you will be given the tools to guide you towards achieving those vibrations through daily principles and practices, allowing you to convert your everyday life experiences into upward-moving rungs on the ‘ladder’ of your Soul evolution. 

Salute the Sun with evening Yoga and crimson sunsets. Let the vibrant Life Force of Africa spark your Kundalini fire.

Tribal Dance Safari is about Liberation of the Soul and the Soul's evolutionary process, which is regarded as the ultimate goal of Spiritual striving.  In this enchanting and magical place, unearth the memories of your ancient past and piece your way through the mysteries of life, as you rediscover the pearls of your own inner wisdom. Let yourself be guided in the spiritual wisdom that each of us will take from this life those ideals, beliefs and experiences which are in harmony with our Soul’s needs, and discard those which are not ...... and that is exactly as it should be. 

TRIBAL DANCE  :  US $ 995 per person

     Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.