River relax & restore

Calm your Mind soothe your Soul
This calm and gentle Retreat is for the 'weary traveler' who has been dealing with the damaging effects of prolonged stress, trauma, turmoil and tragedy, and who need some peaceful space to restore themselves back to strength and harmony.  Focusing on healing and rejuvenation, you will be taken on a warm and tender journey to help you move out through your heavy dark waters of grief and adversity, and into the light.  With its heart-centered approach to healing,  and compassionate guidance, this Retreat will help you to embrace your own natural road to recovery, while deeply nourishing your heart and soul.

Like the welcome Summer rains bring new life …… We are restored.

River Rest and Restore Safari is a profoundly emotional experience of deep relaxation, acceptance and release, and activities are designed to restore your body, still your mind, restore your spirit and return your whole being back to renewed vitality. 

Spend your days in the arms of Africa nestled under the mighty Marula tree, where you focus on deep emotional healing and restored peace of mind.  Ground yourself in the rich vibrations of African soil, as you re-establish your life with fresh perspective and prepare for a new chapter.

Like the constant flow of river in motion, we are moved along our path of life.  As we rid ourselves of heaviness and stagnation we are able to move forward with renewed hopes and beginnings ..........and find peace and happiness once again.

Let the River sing to you her sweet song ............... She will heal your heart.

RIVER RELAX & RESTORE  :  US $ 995 per person

     Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.