Bushveld Soul

Feel the heartbeat of Africa as you re-connect with Mother Earth and find your way back to you. 

 Explore the deeper layers of you as you tap into the ancient wisdom of your soul, and discover the secrets to managing a fast-paced modern lifestyle with the natural cycles and needs of your holistic body.

This Retreat focuses on the age old laws of Nature, our natural holistic being and the art of bringing Balance into your life. 

Let a new way of living inspire your daily choices, with the understanding that whatever you put into your body is what you get out, so consequently whatever you invest your time and energy into on a daily basis, greatly influences the state of your health and happiness today ................... and ultimately tomorrow.                          

Professional Burn-out and Emotional Burn-out are two very common symptoms of our hectic, multi-tasking, deadline-orientated 21st Century lifestyle;  and sadly cause many people and their loved ones great unhappiness, poor health, severe imbalance to their entire system, loneliness, disconnection, and serious emotional pain.   Getting back to basics and aligning ourselves with the natural grounding energies of Earth, evokes in us a sense of awareness, well-being and a feeling of warm connectedness.  It helps us to find internal balance and our own personal truth.  We are filled with a sense of ‘knowing’ of what is important to us and what is not, and we are able to gain a balanced perspective on our life.

This Retreat is a perfect introduction to the Holistic path for the new ‘traveller’ who is just starting out on their journey of 'wholeness'.  Venture into realms of deep, meaningful introspection and valuable re-assessment of your life goals, personal needs and life direction.  The benefits of this life-changing Retreat will be especially enjoyed by those who lead very busy and unbalanced lives as a result of 'schedule-overload', as well as for those who are dealing with stressful work situations, financial worries or relationship problems;  and as a result have neglected their health and well-being to the point where they feel drained, frustrated, unwell, often anxious, or depressed most of the time.

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired towards new possibilities as you surround yourself with calls of the wild and picturesque landscapes.

In our calm and tranquil space you will gain valuable tools to help you Think different, Feel different and Act different, while at the same time feeling nourished in Mind, Body and Soul.  Open up to your new sense of ‘Self,’ and feel empowered as you create your own self-practice to take away and use in your daily life, so that you leave the Retreat feeling positively renewed, self-confident and joyfully optimistic.

Bushveld Soul Safari is designed to offer you a positive and supportive environment where the stress of your daily life simply melts away;  while gently bringing you back to wholeness and a new life chapter,  where happiness is a way of life.

Bask in the warm rays of the Africa's sun, dance to the moonlight under Africa's skies. Let her Balance feed your Soul.

BUSHVELD SOUL  :  US $ 995 per person

     Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.