African skies and vistas

Experience of Heart and Soul through Giving back to others 
Experience the joy that comes from truly giving from your heart, a joy that nourishes your soul.  Feel inspired by the smiles on people’s faces or the peace in an animal’s eyes, as you bring new hope and the promise of a better future into their lives.
This uplifting Retreat is for those wishing to bring meaningful contribution to this world through service and improvement to others, and the environment around them.  Like the towering heights of the wide open skies over the Savannah plains, this Retreat focuses on the positive ripple effect of uplifting others to new heights and endless possibilities, to bring healing change to our beautiful planet and humanity as a whole.

Be the Change you Want to See

Inspire people to live in harmony with nature through education and outreach programs, and help others to learn the first steps towards preserving our precious planet Earth, and her natural beauty.  Feel the peace in your heart as you look beyond your own world and see a bigger picture, with concern and compassion for all living beings.

Through Compassion and giving to others, without expectation of receiving something in return, we embrace the sanctity of One-ness and the importance of responsible living. We invest our time and effort into love and kindness, and we are richly rewarded with the ecstatic vibration of inner-peace and fulfillment.

When we give to others, we make one of the best investments we can towards achieving our own inner peace and happiness, because when we give unselfishly it makes us feel good inside.

African Skies and Vistas Safari aims to bring wide open smiles and improved quality of life to the lives of other living beings, through the understanding that in order for a community to be healthy, happy and whole, it needs love and concern for each other, and all living creatures who share its space.  Through activities of social responsibility we hope to make a lasting impact on our beautiful environment, because of the heartfelt efforts from people like you who are devoted to love and kindness,  and making our world a better place.

Raising spirits to soaring heights, like a majestic Eagle in upward flight.

AFRICAN SKIES & VISTAS  :  US $ 995 per person

     Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.