African dawn

Finding Inner peace through Inner purpose

Like the first rays of morning light feed the Earth, let the sunrise inside of you feed your Soul. 

For the 'traveler' seeking deeper meaning and purpose to their life, this beautiful Retreat takes you on a Spiritual Journey of profound Self-discovery, on the divine understanding that it is in the Whispers of our Soul where we find our Truth.

Through a creative path of Self-exploration, allow yourself to freely explore and uncover the treasured secrets of your sacred Spirit.  Delve into the core of your unique being, to that enlightening place of truly understanding who you are, and what it is that you have come to experience form this world. 

Awaken to new hopes and dreams with early morning Meditation, and the joyful music of bushveld birdsong.

Discover the uncharted depths of You, as you come to realise your Life Purpose, your Life Lessons and the inherent nature of your Soul.

This deeply Spiritual Retreat is an enlightening and rewarding transformational experience, offering you the chance to discover yourself in a new and expanded way.  Wind your way through a fulfilling journey of progressive spiritual learning, and unravel renewed levels of authenticity and a brand new sense of You.

With its Soulful focus on uniting Mind, Body and Soul and the importance of being authentic, this Retreat provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own splendid authenticity,  and to create a new way of living that is in line with your inner-truth, so that you can experience life with purpose and passion, and peaceful contentment.  

If you have been feeling lost, bored, uninspired or a little lack-luster then you will love this soulful Retreat.  It is equally good if you are going through some type of life transition, and are looking to explore new ideas, philosophies and perspectives about life, and your role in it.

Let the call of Mother Africa pull you to her, she has wisdom to share.

African Dawn Safari is a ‘guiding light’ that will help to lead you back to your True path, and help you find your way back to what you already know on a deep and subconscious level.  It is a beautiful mix of holistic principles and spiritual reflection designed to help you re-discover  your True nature and re-shape your life........... So that you experience the joy of living life where your Soul is leading the way.

AFRICAN DAWN  :  US $ 995 per person

     Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.