What we do ...................

We offer you a life-enriching experience of personal transformation, friendship, laughter and peaceful rest, and the wonderful chance to greatly improve your life for you and your loved ones; while at the same time enjoying some tranquil 'me time' and getting to explore some beautiful parts of South Africa

All our Retreats are designed to take you on a journey of progressive Self-improvement

All our Soul Safaris have been carefully designed into purposefully structured programs to balance your system on all levels, providing complete nourishment for Mind, Body and Soul.  

We have carefully selected specific combinations of Mind-Body wellness therapies for our different Retreat programs, and we offer different types of Retreats which explore the different areas of life, so we cater to all levels for anyone who is on their Journey of Personal Truth.

Our Retreats combine Mindfulness coaching techniques, Holistic healing practices, and the Natural restorative qualities of the African bush, to help you help you achieve a transformational experience of rest and rejuvenation, by increasing your vitality, igniting your inner spirit, nurturing your individual strengths and restoring your overall well-being,  Thereby allowing you to wholly transform your life into more of what you want it to be, for you, your loved ones, and the world around you. 

Soul Safaris were created, and are presented by Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual practitioner Angela Beney;  and they are based on the culmination of her combined knowledge, work experience and life journey.  Her philosophies are universally spiritual, not religious, and can therefore be enjoyed and practiced by everyone, regardless of faith or religion.

Why should you go on a Retreat ?

The Power of a Retreat is very often the Catalyst for great transformation. Getting away from it all  -  away from routine, deadlines, interruptions and noise is very often the only way to take a step back from your life, and view it with clarity and balanced perspective.

Nature is by itself a natural healer.  It breathes new life into our soul and energises our entire being.  Add Holistic Wellness practices, Mindfulness principles and Nature together, and you have a powerful recipe for vibrant health and well-being;  which is the very essence of what Soul Safaris are all about. 
Attending an organised retreat led by a life coach or spiritual teacher, helps us to gain clarity and deep insight into the real issues of our life that need to be addressed.
It enables us to take in our life and joy in all its forms, and to release our grief, our pain and our troubles.  
We are able to remove that which has expired, and make room for new life.  And we are powerfully transformed in ways previously unknown to us