The Soul Safari Experience

 We offer different types of Retreats which explore the different areas of life, and cater to everyone who is on their Journey of Personal Truth.  Our Retreats combine Mindfulness coaching techniques, Holistic healing practices, and the natural restorative qualities of the African bush, to help you achieve inner peace, and a transformational experience of rest and rejuvenation.

All our Retreats are designed to take you on a journey of progressive Self-improvement.

Soul Safaris have been purposefully structured to balance your system on all levels, providing complete nourishment for Mind, Body and Soul.  We have carefully selected specific combinations of Mind-Body wellness therapies for our different Retreat programs, to help you increase your vitality, ignite your inner spirit, nurture your individual strengths and restore your overall well-being;  allowing you to wholly transform your life into more of what you want it to be, for you and your loved ones.

Rise to the African Sun

On all of our Soul Safaris, your days will be spent exploring the principles of Mindfulness Coaching, and will include Focused bookwork, deep Introspection, Journaling, Creative visualisation and Authentic self-expression. 

To soothe your body and calm your mind we include Holistic body-work therapies and energetic boosting, to strengthen your Life force, and bring multi-level balance and wellness to your entire body.

Our daily body movement practices include Yoga, Mediation, Mindful breath work and peaceful Bushwalks to bring tranquil alignment and harmony to your body and mind. 

As far as possible and weather permitting, all our activities are done outdoors in the bush to enable you to soak up the power of nature and 'drink' in her goodness.  You will experience the feeling of joy and exhilaration of being at one with nature, and having wild animals roam freely around you. 

Included in every Soul Safari is a fantastic full day trip to Kruger Park and your chance to get see the magical ‘Big 5’ of Africa.  We spend the day taking in Africa at her wildest, with Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Buffalo.  Special attention is made to also include the many other interesting species of animals and birdlife that this vast and majestic landscape has to offer.  Also included in this exciting day is a special Soul Safari picnic lunch.

To complete your wonderful holiday experience, we offer you plenty of opportunity for blissful relaxation and private quiet time for you to spend on yourself however you want to. We offer you magnificent scenery and wondrous moments of mother nature at her finest ........... a perfect setting for you to put your feet up and Relax.

Sleep under the African Stars

 Experience the magic of sleeping under star-lit skies !

Feel the thrill of Africa's night life calling next to your pillow.  We have various accommodation options available, both in and close to Ndlovumzi.  The accommodation is a lovely combination of charming and rustic authentic African bush style, and we have different options available at different times of the year, with varied sleeping arrangements to suit everyone’s needs.

Fall asleep to the gentle crackling sound of campfire,  and enjoy the blissful feeling of being lulled into a deep and restful sleep. 

Sample Bushveld flavours

Enjoy delicious nourishing meals, and the satisfying feeling of healthy fresh goodness.

During your stay with us we would like to treat you to some uniquely South African dishes, so we have chosen specific meals to help you enjoy your experience. All meals are light, wholesome and nutritious, and are freshly prepared to guarantee you a sample of the multi-cultural flavours of South Africa.


 start your journey of Soul
Choose from our range of  Soul Safari Retreats below.  Each one is designed to help you along the different stages of your Life Journey.  All our Safaris run over a period of 4 days and 3 nights, and are available throughout the year on request, subject to availability.

Why not extend your stay by booking a Self Retreat.  We offer African Footprints as a 'Self Retreat', and it is perfect for those seeking some peaceful solitude, and a holiday experience of undisturbed privacy.



Bushveld Soul

Feel the heartbeat of Africa as you re-connect with Mother Earth and find your way back to you. 

Explore the deeper layers of you as you tap into the ancient wisdom of your Soul, and the importance of honouring Nature and her cycles of life.

This Retreat focuses on the age old laws of Nature, our natural holistic being and the art of bringing Balance into your life.  Discover the secrets of managing a fast-paced modern lifestyle with the natural cycles and needs of your body. Let a new way of living inspire your daily choices, with the understanding that whatever you put into your body is what you get out, so consequently whatever you invest your time and energy into on a daily basis, greatly influences the state of your health and happiness today ................... and ultimately tomorrow.                          

Professional Burn-out and Emotional Burn-out are two very common symptoms of our hectic, multi-tasking, deadline-orientated 21st Century lifestyle;  and sadly cause many people and their loved ones great unhappiness, poor health, severe imbalance to their entire system, loneliness, disconnection, and serious emotional pain.   Getting back to basics and aligning ourselves with the natural grounding energies of Earth, evokes in us a sense of awareness, well-being and a feeling of warm connectedness.  It helps us to find internal balance and our own personal truth.  We are filled with a sense of ‘knowing’ of what is important to us and what is not, and we are able to gain a balanced perspective on our life.

This Retreat is a perfect introduction to the Holistic path for the new ‘traveller’ who is just starting out on their journey of 'wholeness'.  Venture into realms of deep, meaningful introspection and valuable re-assessment of your life goals, personal needs and life direction.  The benefits of this life-changing Retreat will be especially enjoyed by those who lead very busy and unbalanced lives as a result of 'schedule-overload', as well as for those who are dealing with stressful work situations, financial worries or relationship problems;  and as a result have neglected their health and well-being to the point where they feel drained, frustrated, unwell, often anxious, or depressed most of the time.

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired towards new possibilities as you surround yourself with calls of the wild and picturesque landscapes.

In our calm and tranquil space you will gain valuable tools to help you Think different, Feel different and Act different, while at the same time feeling nourished in Mind, Body and Soul.  Open up to your new sense of ‘Self,’ and feel empowered as you create your own self-practice to take away and use in your daily life, so that you leave the Retreat feeling positively renewed, self-confident and joyfully optimistic.

Bushveld Soul Safari is designed to offer you a positive and supportive environment where the stress of your daily life simply melts away;  while gently bringing you back to wholeness and a new life chapter,  where happiness is a way of life.

Bask in the warm rays of the Africa's sun, dance to the moonlight under Africa's skies. Let her Balance feed your Soul.

 BUSHVELD SOUL  :  $ 995 per person    

 Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and  Beverages, Coaching fees and all Retreat activities.


African Dawn

Discover the First Light of your Spiritual Awakening

Like the first rays of morning light feed the Earth, let the sunrise inside of you feed your Soul. 

For the 'traveler' seeking deeper meaning and purpose to their life, this beautiful Retreat takes you on a Spiritual Journey of profound Self-discovery, on the divine understanding that it is in the Whispers of our Soul where we find our Truth.

Through a creative path of Self-exploration, allow yourself to freely explore and uncover the treasured secrets of your sacred Spirit.  Delve into the core of your unique being, to that enlightening place of truly understanding who you are, and what it is that you have come to experience form this world. 

Awaken to new hopes and dreams with early morning Meditation, and the joyful music of bushveld birdsong.

Discover the uncharted depths of You, as you come to realise your Life Purpose, your Life Lessons and the inherent nature of your Soul.

This deeply Spiritual Retreat is an enlightening and rewarding transformational experience, offering you the chance to discover yourself in a new and expanded way.  Wind your way through a fulfilling journey of progressive spiritual learning, and unravel renewed levels of authenticity and a brand new sense of You.

With its Soulful focus on uniting Mind, Body and Soul and the importance of being authentic, this Retreat provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own splendid authenticity,  and to create a new way of living that is in line with your inner-truth, so that you can experience life with purpose and passion, and peaceful contentment.  

Because when we live our Truth we allow the light inside of us to shine brightly ............... and then the whole world benefits.

If you have been feeling lost, bored, uninspired or a little lack-luster then you will love this soulful Retreat.  It is equally good if you are going through some type of life transition, and are looking to explore new ideas, philosophies and perspectives about life, and your role in it.

Let the call of Mother Africa pull you to her, she has wisdom to share.

African Dawn Safari is a ‘guiding light’ that will help to lead you back to your True path, and help you find your way back to what you already know on a deep and subconscious level.  It is a beautiful mix of holistic principles and spiritual reflection designed to help you re-discover  your True nature and re-shape your life........... So that you experience the joy of living life where your Soul is leading the way.

 AFRICAN DAWN :  $995 per person          

 Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and  Beverages, Coaching fees, and all Retreat activities.


Tribal Dance

Explore the Mysterious Dance of Life

Weave your way through the continuous flow of Soul evolution, discovering hidden clues and  precious insights into your Soul’s work in progress. 

Let the rhythm of Africa ignite your Soul and connect you with the Divine. Feel her intoxicating pulse move through you.

This euphoric Retreat is for the 'seasoned traveler' who has been committed to their spiritual growth for some time, and who honours the concept that we are Souls having a Human experience. It will resonate well with those who want to explore the complexities of their karmic connections and life lessons, and who want to evolve and expand into a new way of living and thinking.

Experience the true path to empowerment through Unity and Connection to all life on Earth, where there is no judgement or separation from One-ness, but instead the freedom to express your divine unique-ness , and lead life from the heart instead of from the ego.

Celebrate the exquisite power of unconditional love and compassion for all sentient beings, while learning how to foster a healthy co-existence between our challenging human emotions and tuning in to the loving vibration of compassion.  Here you will experience valuable grounding principles and practices to help you attune and remain fixed to a greater Truth, enabling you to become established in an unwavering state of ‘knowing’.

Ascension of the Soul demands absolute commitment to the path of Truth, as well as attaining certain energetic vibrations.  On this beautiful Retreat you will be given the tools to guide you towards achieving those vibrations through daily principles and practices, allowing you to convert your everyday life experiences into upward-moving rungs on the ‘ladder’ of your Soul evolution.. 

Salute the Sun with evening Yoga and crimson sunsets. Let the vibrant Life Force of Africa spark your Kundalini fire.

Tribal Dance Safari is about Liberation of the Soul and the Soul's evolutionary process, which is regarded as the ultimate goal of Spiritual striving.  In this enchanting and magical place, unearth the memories of your ancient past and piece your way through the mysteries of life, as you rediscover the pearls of your own inner wisdom. Let yourself be guided in the spiritual wisdom that each of us will take from this life those ideals, beliefs and experiences which are in harmony with our Soul’s needs, and discard those which are not ...... and that is exactly as it should be. 

Feel the magnetic pull and sublime feeling of spiritual ascension, as we advance and grow ........ upwardly striving to reach the top of our highest potential ......... to find that place that we are yearning for …... That exquisite place of our Spiritual destiny.

 TRIBAL DANCE : $995 per person              

 Includes Accommodationfor 3 nights, Meals and  Beverages, Coaching fees, and all Retreat activities.


African Skies and Vistas

An Experience of Heart and Soul through Giving back to others 

Experience the joy that comes from truly giving from your heart, a joy that nourishes your soul.  Feel inspired by the smiles on people’s faces or the peace in an animal’s eyes, as you bring new hope and the promise of a better future into their lives.

This uplifting Retreat is for those wishing to bring meaningful contribution to this world through service and improvement to others, and the environment around them.  Like the towering heights of the wide open skies over the Savannah plains, this Retreat focuses on the positive ripple effect of uplifting others to new heights and endless possibilities, to bring healing change to our beautiful planet and humanity as a whole.

Be the Change you Want to See

Inspire people to live in harmony with nature through education and outreach programs, and help others to learn the first steps towards preserving our precious planet Earth, and her natural beauty.  Feel the peace in your heart as you look beyond your own world and see a bigger picture, with concern and compassion for all living beings.

Through Compassion and giving to others, without expectation of receiving something in return, we embrace the sanctity of One-ness and the importance of responsible living. We invest our time and effort into love and kindness, and we are richly rewarded with the ecstatic vibration of inner-peace and fulfillment.

When we give to others, we make one of the best investments we can towards achieving our own inner peace and happiness, because when we give unselfishly it makes us feel good inside.

African Skies and Vistas Safari aims to bring wide open smiles and improved quality of life to the lives of other living beings, through the understanding that in order for a community to be healthy, happy and whole, it needs love and concern for each other, and all living creatures who share its space.  Through activities of social responsibility we hope to make a lasting impact on our beautiful environment, because of the heartfelt efforts from people like you who are devoted to love and kindness,  and making our world a better place.

Raising spirits to soaring heights, like a majestic Eagle in upward flight.

AFRICAN SKIES & VISTAS  :  $995 per person

Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees, and all Retreat activities.


River Relax & Restore

Enjoy a long cool drink of Peaceful Rejuvination

This calm and gentle Retreat is for the 'weary traveler' who has been dealing with the damaging effects of prolonged stress, trauma, turmoil and tragedy, and who need some peaceful space to restore themselves back to strength and harmony.  Focusing on healing and rejuvenation, you will be taken on a warm and tender journey to help you move out through your heavy dark waters of grief and adversity, and into the light.  With its heart-centered approach to healing,  and compassionate guidance, this Retreat will help you to embrace your own natural road to recovery, while deeply nourishing your heart and soul.

Like the welcome Summer rains bring new life …… We are restored.

River Rest and Restore Safari is a profoundly emotional experience of deep relaxation, acceptance and release, and activities are designed to restore your body, still your mind, restore your spirit and return your whole being back to renewed vitality.  Spend your days in the arms of Africa nestled under the mighty Marula tree, where you focus on deep emotional healing and restored peace of mind.  Ground yourself in the rich vibrations of African soil, as you re-establish your life with fresh perspective and prepare for a new chapter.

Like the constant flow of river in motion, we are moved along our path of life.  As we rid ourselves of heaviness and stagnation we are able to move forward with renewed hopes and beginnings ..........and find peace and happiness once again.

Let the River sing to you her sweet song ............... She will heal your heart.

RIVER REST & RESTORE : $995 per person

Includes Accommodation for 3 nights, Meals and Beverages, Coaching fees, and all Retreat activities.



African Footprints

A Self Retreat for your own little 'hide-away'.

Explore the many tourist attractions and exciting activities, in and around the little bushveld town of Hoedspruit.

Where horizons are endless and views leave you breathless.

Take the panoramic route or drive to the nearby towns of Hazyview, Graskop and Phalaborwa.  Visit the Kamai reptile park, Moholoholo rehabilitation centre, the Cheetah and White lion projects or the spectacular sights of the  Blyde river canyon.  From feeding Jessica the Hippo to elephant-back safaris, horse riding trails and hot air ballooning ………… you will find that African Footprints Safari is the ideal retreat for a perfect break.

The quirky little town of Hoedspruit provides you with all you need for a comfortable stay.  With supermarkets, banks, restaurants, internet cafes, gift shops, arts & crafts and much more ………..  rest assured we have it all.

Find your own way as you trek through the magic of Africa, and enjoy some peaceful time all on your own.

African Footprints is for the solitary 'traveler' who wants to away from it all and be on their own.   With no retreat program or daily schedule, you have the opportunity to take gentle walks, swim , rest, explore at your own leisure, and spend your time however you wish.  The self-catering accommodation allows you to plan your meals to suit your needs, and is conveniently serviced daily to allow you to concentrate on relaxing and having fun.

In the Solitude of bushveld we are renewed ............ we are home.

AFRICAN FOOTPRINTS : $100 pp/per night

Includes Self-catering accommodation only


Host your own Retreat

Connect with Kindred spirits and Expand your Business

If you would like to make use of our facility to host your own Retreat, please contact us as we have various accommodation available, for both Self-catered accommodation and Catered.

Our location is particularly good for Yoga, Meditation, Healing body-work, Art, Writing, Photography, Cycling, Hiking, and Birding Retreats.

We will be happy to custom-design a package for you to include tours, trips and activities of your choice.

Price is determined on request according to your specific needs and requirements.


A Wonderful Experience 
If you like the idea of 'getting away' to the heart of the African bush for a wellness holiday that will enrich your life, then you will love our invigorating Soul Safari Retreats.